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There aren’t too many places like Winkleigh left in Britain. It’s a small quiet thatched Devon village with a central square and two pubs, but it’s also almost self-sufficient! Thanks to the old WWII airfield, it is home to all kinds of industry and craft.

Winkleigh Pine recycles old timber into furniture, Winkleigh Cider makes one of the West’s best, it’s the centre of thatch-growing and selling in Devon, there’s a vet’s, a fishmonger, a doctor’s surgery, a hardware store, a builder’s yard, two garages and even a cactus shop! If you weren’t too fashion minded, you need never shop elsewhere!

All this means that Winkleigh is not a commuter village or retirement centre, but an old-fashioned living community.

Not only this but, because of the traditional local farming, it is an excellent place to see all kinds of wildlife, and especially birds. Goshawks, golden plover, lapwing, skylarks, flocks of starlings, finches, heron, barn owls, summer swallows and many other.

For a list of local attractions please click here.

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